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Stubble and Strife

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How to … Shave

You say you KNOW how to shave and don't need any tips? Let's check. We invite you to take our “Shaving Quiz”.

Step #1 should always be a thorough, hot water wash  

Answer: True.

Cold water, excellent for closing pores, comes later on. First we need to soften your bristles. This is most effectively done with heat and steam. A hot shower is a great method. It gets the rest of you clean, too. Follow this up with a hot, moist facecloth for 1-2 minutes to really soften the stubble.

Step #2 Next is to apply your shaving soapshave oil or cream  

Answer: True.

Well true-ish. Shaving is complicated stuff! For the ultimate shave or if you have sensitive skin, apply a pre-shave skin protector or exfoliate. The protector is for extra slip and glide, and also gives an extra layer of protection for skin agitated by shaving. The exfoliater removes dead skin cells and gunk from the pores which helps prevent shaving spots.

Step #3. Use a quality shaving soapshave oil or cream and avoid foams and gels   

Answer: True

There's a lot of chatter about which product is better. In actual fact, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Creams are last a long time and give a great dense lather, oils gives lots of slip and let you see where you are shaving, soaps are light on fragrance and last forever. Our best advice is to try a few out and choose the one you like the most. You can always change your product when the old one needs replacing.

Step #4 Finish with a brisk, cold water rinse  

Answer: True

Cold water tightens your pores so bacteria has a more difficult time coming in and doing its dirty work.

Step #5 It's best to use a light motion when shaving  

Answer: True

Today's razors have been made to glide over the skin. There is no need to push and no need to use force. You should be able to use a light, gentle touch with minimal friction. Use short stokes, about 3-5 cm. Wet your razor in hot water after each stroke. If you aren't getting results and feel the need to push, it is most likely time for a fresh razor blade. In general, we recommend changing your blade after every 14 shaves. Remember many razor blades are not expensive.

Step #6 Badger hair shaving brushes have a unique property which makes them worth the investment   

Answer: True

Badger hair holds water - like human hair - so will carry the water from the sink up to your face to give you the best lather.

Step #7 Moisturisers are for men too  

Answer: True

Dry skin looks a bit like the moon's surface – craters, mountains, valleys, etc. Moisturising evens out the terrain, making the shaving experience smoother and less irritating. It's recommended to moisturise after shaving - we prefer to call it hydration - they add water to skin and feed it nutrients.

If you knew most, good man! You are doing a great job shaving!

If you knew almost nothing, you now have an opportunity to shape up your shaving act.

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