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Stubble and Strife

He’s into Vintage – So what do you give him for Valentines?

It could be simple, you pop off to Amazon, find the sexiest bit of shiny technology, a Fitbit maybe or even a flying drone equipped with a camera, but what do you buy him if he is into Vintage. So the guys in the office got together and thought they would take a look at what you can get him that tells him Valentine’s not just rose petals and expensive set meals, but a bit of old school love too.

If budget is no limit then how about buying him a Triumph Stag – proper 70’s car. Stunning to look at, with an engine rumble with throaty soundtrack to die for the Stag says everything great about vintage things. Contoured lines and old chrome work everywhere - perfect for him to polish every Sunday and since a Stag is a 2 door convertible, there’s every chance of drive for two after the Valentine’s dinner. You should be able to pick one up for £10-15K by heading to specialist classic car dealers, find one here www.carandclassic.co.uk

How about a record player? That’s seriously cool, and nothing sounds like vinyl. And you wouldn’t go far wrong with a TECHNICS SL-1200 turntable. It’s been around since the 80’s and was considered the vinyl master – even has the vintage look, without trying hard to look retro. They can be found www.turntableworld.co.uk cost varies but aim for between £200 and £600.

Remember the bomber jacket? Well it’s on its way back. It’s light, slips on easy, comes with lots of pockets and looks like it’s made from tents – what’s not to like. So this jacket is the perfect balance between I-am-sexy-but-don’t- know-it and I-have-style-but-not-a-fashion-addicted, it is easy to carry. Asos seem to be have been quick off the mark with the bomber jackets www.asos.com. Aim to pay between £50 and £150.

If he is dare-devil, how about a classic cut throat razor? Somewhat harder to handle than standard razors, most guys are in awe of these – it take skill to use one. It will bring back memories of their grandad. Cut from carbon steel and honed into what looks like a very dangerous knife, these are not for the meek. And they last a lifetime, like a prized watch. You can purchase this one at www.stubbleandstrife.com and costs £85.

A vinyl wall clock, what is there not to like? It’s a brilliant way to reuse some old vinyls that he might have at home (just don’t use his favourite one!) and it surely adds style to your living room. Or just buy onehere on amazon.co.uk for £23. If he’s into the real thing, then lots of old vinyl can be purchased ot interesting little niche record shops dotted around the UK or even online from www.recordstore.co.uk or www.vinylnet.co.uk. No one uses a shiny IPOD anymore!

A classic pocket watch - is a timeless gift (!). The Swiss excel at making old school watches, they are expensive but worth every penny. Often handcrafted, they last a lifetime and tend to get handed down the generations. We like the open ones, where the cogs and clockwork are visible. Mesmerising to watch (!) hat he’s interested and in the very likely case there is, go for the ones that show the interior gears. They seem more detailed, robust and can be found at reasonable prices. Take a look at www.pocketwatch.co.uk, and expect to pay £500 upwards for a good one.

Want more love letters? Want them handwritten? This has got to be a favourite then. A feather pen and a range of nibs, complete with ink. Your Valentines cards will never look the same. £25 from the Pen Shop here.

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